In 1997 Camilla Carr and Jon James travelled to Chechnya to set up a rehabilitation centre for children traumatised by war. After three months they were kidnapped in the night by armed Chechen rebels. Held hostage for fourteen months they experienced everything from threat of execution, rape and mental torture to moments of compassion and kindness.

They survived by using Tai Chi, meditation, humour, and by creating a dialogue with their captors, looking beneath their masks of fear and anger to reach the small flame of love and laughter unquenched by the demonising nature of war.

United Nations Interview

Video courtesy of UNWFP, filmed by Claudio Von Planta, edited by Breed Film.

Camilla and Jon are inspirational and motivational speakers.

Their talks clearly demonstrate the power of choice and the opportunity of transformation.

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"High quality presentations such as yours are invaluable in supporting the aims of the course."

Rob James, Lieutenant Commander Royal Navy. Defence SERE Training Organisation.

"A remarkable talk that was truly inspirational, showing how its possible to overcome extreme adversity with the power of the mind and the spirit"

Carolyn J Kimber, FCMA, FBCS Chairman, CMA. OFCOM

"Camilla gives me hope to make sure my life doesn't go back to trouble or drugs."

Prisoner HMP Guys Marsh

"Camilla has made me see what a victim thinks and feels"

Prisoner HMP The Parc

"I piloted the training in Somaliland and the Somali ladies absolutely loved it - several comments in the evaluation forms saying how moved they were but also informed and quite empowered and inspired by you."

Julie Spooner. Consultant – Security Awareness Training for Women

"Hearing Jon and Camilla speak was not only inspiring but also instructive and informative."

Student. Hostage Negotiating Course. Metropolitan Police

"The best part of the course, Very Informative, Inspiring."

"Very useful. Focussed me on my own survival strategies."

"Outstanding. By far the most impressive and informative part of the course."

"Very Insightful. Well presented and very useful."

"One of the best presentations we have ever had. Outstanding and with such depth and breadth."