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Camilla’s interest in talking and facilitating workshops in prisons came about through being asked to be part of an exhibition called The F Word. An exhibition of photos of victims and perpetrators of violence and their views on forgiveness. Meeting men who had previously been violent then chosen to step out of that cycle of violence and revenge to start from a new place of understanding helped me hugely in my own healing process after the time in captivity and the rape I experienced. It gave me hope in the power we all have to change and transform ourselves and the society in which we live.

The exhibition was widely acclaimed and led to the creation of The Forgiveness Project. This is a UK based charity working at a local, national and international level to help build a future free of conflict and violence by healing wounds of the past. It encourages the exploration of the nature of forgiveness and alternatives to revenge through sharing people’s stories. Working in prisons and schools, with anyone wishing to contemplate the nature of forgiveness in a wider political context or in their own lives. It has no political or religious affiliations.

Camilla and Jon speak and facilitate in The Prison Programme.


HMP Guys Marsh 3 day course

Impact of their story:

"It gives me hope about making sure my life doesn't go back to trouble or drugs."

"I wouldn't want to experience what you have but I can't forgive those who treated me bad when I was adopted. The funny thing is I still keep the family name and I miss them so much."

"Their situation, compared to mine – prison is a pinch of salt. It's easy for us in jail compared to them."

"I walked away drained. If I had one-tenth the strength of Camilla and Jon, I'd be amazing."

"I was gripped. I love your compassion, your tolerance. You were looking at them as human beings."

Has your attitude towards revenge and forgiveness changed at all during this course?

"I now really believe that forgiveness is more effective than revenge because to forgive is to live, putting down a burden, which you never really had to carry in the first place."

"Revenge destroys all – forgiveness heals and builds."

"Forgiveness, as revenge can be a weight to carry. Yes, I have changed, not just my attitude."

HMP The Parc

Talk to Sex Offenders.

"Her open and honest talk about her feelings involved in her rape made me think about my victim and the consequences for her"

"Camilla has made me see what a victim thinks and feels"

"I realised how I made my victims feel and hurt"

Prison Officer:

"Your story has left a mark. Letting go of things and living your life, moving on and finding ways to be positive even in impossible circumstances."

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"High quality presentations such as yours are invaluable in supporting the aims of the course."

Rob James, Lieutenant Commander Royal Navy. Defence SERE Training Organisation.

"A remarkable talk that was truly inspirational, showing how its possible to overcome extreme adversity with the power of the mind and the spirit"

Carolyn J Kimber, FCMA, FBCS Chairman, CMA. OFCOM

"Camilla gives me hope to make sure my life doesn't go back to trouble or drugs."

Prisoner HMP Guys Marsh

"Camilla has made me see what a victim thinks and feels"

Prisoner HMP The Parc

"I piloted the training in Somaliland and the Somali ladies absolutely loved it - several comments in the evaluation forms saying how moved they were but also informed and quite empowered and inspired by you."

Julie Spooner. Consultant – Security Awareness Training for Women

"Hearing Jon and Camilla speak was not only inspiring but also instructive and informative."

Student. Hostage Negotiating Course. Metropolitan Police

"The best part of the course, Very Informative, Inspiring."

"Very useful. Focussed me on my own survival strategies."

"Outstanding. By far the most impressive and informative part of the course."

"Very Insightful. Well presented and very useful."

"One of the best presentations we have ever had. Outstanding and with such depth and breadth."